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Welcome to version 1.6.2 of ORM.NET!

ORM.NET has been in development since the summer of 2001 when the first beta versions of the .NET Framework were made available. We have continued to modify and improve ORM.NET on several  .NET projects. ORM.NET was first released in March of 2003.


We hope that you will find this tool as valuable as we have on your .NET projects. We are convinced that if you spend a few minutes learning the power and flexibility ORM.NET provides, you will make it an important part of your development took kit on all of your future .NET projects.

To get a quick understanding of what ORM.NET does and how it works please refer to the following areas:


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Please send us any comments, feature requests, or problems you encounter at support@olero.com or call us at 888.836.3298.


We look forward to supporting you in the future.



The Olero Software Team