ORM.NET creates a complete data layer which greatly improves the functionality provided by Microsoft's ADO.NET components. Using ORM.NET's generated data layer within your own applications greatly improves productivity and encourages better application design.


What is ORM.NET?


ORM.NET (Object to Relational Mapper) is a powerful development tool which auto-generates a clean set of objects based on a pre-defined SQL database schema. The generated run-time component exposes all tables as wrapped objects and columns as properties. All Transact SQL code is implemented so that developers can easily retrieve, modify, delete, and update data without relying on complicated stored procedures, views, embedded SQL statements, or complex data access logic (ADO, ODBC, OLE-DB). 



ORM.NET is easy to use and generates a complete object-based data access layer (DAL) in seconds.







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Use ORM.NET to Quickly Generate a Data Layer