Setup OleroTraining Database and Application


Included in the installation is a sample database called OleroTraining as well as a sample application called OleroTrainingBiz. The OleroTraining database is used throughout the documentation to explain how to use and develop using ORM.NET.


Most of the code examples included in the documentation are also included in the sample application allowing you to step through them within Visual Studio.NET.


In order to install and setup the database and sample application:

  1. Click on the Install Sample Application icon in the ORM.NET Program Folder.

  2. You will prompted to enter a valid database LoginId and Password

  3. You will also need to choose a path to install the sample application.

  4. One the setup application has completed open the Solution (.sln) and Build it within Visual Studio.NET.

  5. Walk through the code sections within the console application and refer to the section title Code Examples.