ORM.NET Code Samples Overview


This section walks through several examples of how to retrieve, view, insert, update, and delete data using the compiled data layer ORM.NET creates.


NOTE: Throughout the examples the term Object represents a wrapped class which maps to a specific table within your database and encapsulates the functionality of ADO.NET's Data Row object. The term Property represents a C# Property method which implements a pair of get/set methods and map to the columns within a specific table.


All of the following code examples are implemented in the OleroTraining project included with ORM.NET installation.  


If you have not already setup the OleroTraining project and accompanying database refer to the Setup OleroTraining Sample Application


Review the following topics to learn more about each of the following subjects:




Once you understand how to use ORM.NET modify and retrieve data you can refer to the following sections which describe ways you can customize the generated Data layer to meet your needs: