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DataManager.GetCourseCollectionFromDataSet Method 

Gets a collection of Course from the already loaded records in this DataManager instance.

[Visual Basic]
Public Function GetCourseCollectionFromDataSet() As CourseCollection
public CourseCollection GetCourseCollectionFromDataSet();

Return Value

A collection of Course objects.


This method is made available for when the dataset has been serialized from session state or disk. This method will return all Course loaded.


This example shows a reason to use this method.

/* first web page - save dataset and primary keys */
Session["DataSet"] = dm.DataSet;
Session["CourseID"] = _Course.ID;

/* second web page - need to get current contact */
DataManager dm = new DataManager(Config.Dsn);
dm.DataSet = (DataSet)Session["DataSet"];
_Course = dm.GetContactFromDataSet((int)Session["CourseID"]);

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