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ContactCollectionOrmTemplate Properties

The properties of the ContactCollectionOrmTemplate class are listed below. For a complete list of ContactCollectionOrmTemplate class members, see the ContactCollectionOrmTemplate Members topic.

Public Instance Properties

Count (inherited from CollectionBase)Gets the number of elements contained in the CollectionBase instance.
Item Gets or sets the Contact at the specified index. In C#, this property is the indexer for the IList interface.
Site (inherited from CollectionTemplate) IComponent implemetation

Protected Instance Properties

InnerList (inherited from CollectionBase)Gets an ArrayList containing the list of elements in the CollectionBase instance.
List (inherited from CollectionBase)Gets an IList containing the list of elements in the CollectionBase instance.

Explicit Interface Implementations

IBindingList.AddIndex (inherited from CollectionTemplate) 
IBindingList.AddNew (inherited from CollectionTemplate) If the parent is supplied ( a parent or the datamanger ) then it will be used to create a new object, providing the object has no parameters on its constructor.
IBindingList.ApplySort (inherited from CollectionTemplate) 
IBindingList.Find (inherited from CollectionTemplate) 
IBindingList.RemoveIndex (inherited from CollectionTemplate) 
IBindingList.RemoveSort (inherited from CollectionTemplate) 
ICollection.CopyTo (inherited from CollectionBase) 
IList.Add (inherited from CollectionBase) 
IList.Contains (inherited from CollectionBase) 
IList.IndexOf (inherited from CollectionBase) 
IList.Insert (inherited from CollectionBase) 
IList.Remove (inherited from CollectionBase) 
ITypedList.GetItemProperties (inherited from CollectionTemplate) Allows the override of the default behaivour of SqlTypes to their native equivalent
ITypedList.GetListName (inherited from CollectionTemplate) Used for DataGridTableStyle

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