Online Demonstrations

In order to better understand ORM.NET we developed the following on-line Flash demos.  You can view them in the order presented or skip to the topic you are most interested in.

Be sure to take a look at the ORM.NET Product Tour as well.

Compare the difference between using ADO.NET and ORM.NET

Number of Objects to create and set 7 3
Number of database round-trips 4 2
Number of lines of code to write 29 9
Readability of the code Complicated - many steps Easy
Level of difficulty to write You must know the correct objects to call, and be sure to spell table and column names correctly Intuitive object model and strongly typed objects eliminate this problem

The following two part demonstration shows the difference between ADO.NET and ORM.NET by performing the same data operations.  Both demonstrations perform the following:

  1. Retrieve records from the Customer and Orders tables in the Northwind database
  2. Update one of the Customer records
  3. Add a new Customer record
  4. Add a new Order record that is related to the new Customer record

Part A.   View The ADO.NET way

Part B.   View The ORM.NET way

Other ORM.NET On-line Demos

  1. Connect to a database and view the data object model using ORM.NET's Object Browser
  2. Customize Object Model using ORM.NET's Object Browser
  3. Generate a Data Layer